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Pharmacist, MBA, UC Berkeley Extension Graduated

Pharmacist, MBA, UC Berkeley Extension Graduated

Pharmacist, MBA, UC Berkeley Extension Graduated

  • Pharmacy Degree (Complutense University Madrid UCM)
  • Master Business Administration MBA (CEU San Pablo Business School Madrid)
  • Entrepreneurship and Marketing degree (UC Berkeley)


Feel IN Corp. founder

Pharmacist, MBA, UC Berkeley Extension Graduated

Pharmacist, MBA, UC Berkeley Extension Graduated

Feel IN Corp. is a sport supplements company that inspires optimal health and energy to fitness enthusiasts by providing cutting-edge science formulas made with organic and natural ingredients.     


Fitness Personal Trainer

Pharmacist, MBA, UC Berkeley Extension Graduated

Fitness Personal Trainer

Helping people to achieve their optimized health and fitness potential.

My story


From panick attacks

It all started seven years ago. Fresh out of high school, I failed two years in a row to the entrance exam to the Faculty of Pharmacy in my hometown of Toulouse. Instead of the bright future I had pictured for myself, I was left with the things that I thought were nothing but a temporary price to pay for success: repetitive panic attacks, daily anxieties, constant stress, sleepless nights, and the worst of it all, the total collapse of my self confidence.

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Through recovering

I was destroyed, but not beaten. And I realized that the only way for me to move on would be to acknowledge, accept and learn. Hence I moved to Madrid to start my life all over again. Away from friends and family, it was just me now, me and my urge to make things work at last, and look ahead. Not behind. 

After I applied and got accepted to the Faculty of Pharmacy in Madrid, I started to explore the topics that would soon become my true life passions: fitness, nutrition and human psychology.

Practicing these three things increasingly, I became aware of how key they are in finding the body and mind balance I myself had been foolishly neglecting for so long. The change that was operating in me, in my mind, in my body, took place slowly, deeply, but it was radical, and life- changing.

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To a passion driven journey

After graduating from my Pharmacy degree I applied to a MBA, in order to acquire entrepreneurship skills I needed to develop my activity. And in August 2017, I moved to the Silicon Valley to complete my program abroad with an Entrepreneurship & Marketing specialty at UC Berkeley Extension. These long years of painful yet necessary failures, deep introspections and intense self- development came together with ‘Feel IN’, the start-up I founded in January 2018.

This company is the product of my urge to create and to share what I learnt from my past experiences, that I want to use to help people find, develop and build their own personal balance in life.

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Phil Hugo - Pharmacist, MBA and Personal Trainer

Madrid, Spain